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    Feedback & Engagement

    Last week’s post was the first introducing the topic of my master’s thesis: how people of faith relate to anti-religious music. Particularly, do Christians dig anti-Christian metal? As outlined in the video in the last post, “Christian music” isn’t limited to just music for church services or for accompanying prayer. There are bands who profess […]

    Living Buddha, Living Christ

    Jacob Eckeberger posted this on his new blog.  There’s a link on his page.  This quote is incredible: This is from Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh: When Jesus said, “I am the way,” He meant that to have a true relationship with God, you must practice His way. In the Acts of […]


    Wow. As I know, many of us have BBC news as our home page.  Some of you may have caught this little news article right here about an investigatory news program on BBC1 called “Panorama” and an episode investigating Scientology.  The news article itself intrigued me as I’ve always wanted to know more about this […]

    Jewish Muslims

    I wondered about this at work today: are there any Israelite Muslims?

    Everything is Illuminated

    So two of my friends just finished reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s first book Everything is Illuminated in the past few weeks.  Both said it was really good, one said it became his favorite book.  I loved it when I read it.  It’s so funny, and heartbreaking.  And just good, well-written, etc. At work today I […]