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    Photos of My Family

    This is my Dad’s college graduation photo. His smile is a little crooked there, just a little. It’s still a little crooked. This is Dad’s sister Lisa in her college graduation picture. I always thought she looked real creepy/crazy in this picture. I think it’s the whites all the way around her eyes. Pretty funny. […]

    Mom and Dad

    Dad has a goofy look on his face. This is actually an action shot, as he looked back at me taking this picture real quick. Here Mom’s checking her hair, and lipstick I think. Couldn’t get a pefect shot of most of her face in the reflection. She kept using her left arm, and that […]

    Dad observes



    So, Chris Conley tagged me.  I wouldn’t normally respond to this since I don’t care much for these games, but I like the guy and he’s a good friend.  I would also hope that if I did something of the sort to him that he would respond as well.  So here it goes 1)  I […]