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    Pan’s Labyrinth

    Today I watched Pan’s Labyrinth. Quite good.  Very beautiful fantasy.  I can see why so many people were raving about it.  I liked it’s use of conventional, fantasy story-telling elements but also how director Guillermo del Toro played with those ideas too.  I liked the color very much too.  Most of the movie is very […]

    Foreign Languages

    I’ve been watching a lot of Spanish language movies lately (amores perros, next up volver, then y tu mama tambien, then pan’s labyrinth.)  It makes me want to pick the language up again.  Well, I guess learn it, as I only remember the questions words, and numbers and stuff.  I think I want to learn […]

    Nicole Krauss

    Caitlin, Katie, and Kate, you might be excited about this (assuming, Kate, that you’ve finally read The History of Love.)  John Brit, I don’t know if you’ve read this book yet or not, but you should.  Either way, you’ll be excited about the bit I put in bold.  From New York Magazine Book Review: “Krauss’s […]