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    I want you all to know, beyond the way I seem, or the way you perceive, I am completely open to you all.  I want to be vulnerable because these transactions we have been keeping lately have boiled down to simply the state of affairs.  What are you thinking?  What are you feeling?  Are you […]

    Sometimes I feel stupid

    Remember when we were all in school, pursing studies, reading books, discussing ideas and all that? I do, I miss it so much.  I feel so dumb sometimes.  Especially reading things I felt like I understood a year ago that I now scratch my head over.  And when I write.  I try to write in […]


    So, Chris Conley tagged me.  I wouldn’t normally respond to this since I don’t care much for these games, but I like the guy and he’s a good friend.  I would also hope that if I did something of the sort to him that he would respond as well.  So here it goes 1)  I […]


    Chase: what do you think of me saying “s’long” when i sign off Sean Allen <AUTO-REPLY>: gnight Chase: like “so long” Chase: after i typed it i noticed it looks vaugely like “slong” as in a penis Chase: so now i think not Chase: its cause Kate has a cool sign off Chase: she says […]