do you ever wonder why you are with someone? or like, say there is someone else in your life whom you really feel for but you both cannot do anything about it ’cause you’re busy with someone else. its like. say you’re watching a baseball game. and you look over the field and see a very good 3rd base player. but then you realize you’re playing 2nd base in a different baseball game. and you should be looking at the 3rd baseman (or is it woman?) on your own team! um, i dont know if that helps you understand. but its like you want to take a break from where you are to go somewhere new, but you cant ’cause your too busy in what you are already doing. i know this entry is just random thoughts, but i really miss talking to my own girlfriend. and there is this other friend whos a girl whos just as great as my “girlfriend” and its all crazy cause she has a boyfriend….. oye


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