so far, no other cd that i can think of to describe yesterdays moods compares to the new…

…Jimmy Eat World cd “Bleed America.” Good cd. I strongly suggest you go buy it right now if you like any kind of emo or punk, or even Zao. ‘Cause I mean, anyways… Last night I talked to Katherine for like 15 mins ’cause she got online when I was “supposed” get off. And I got ready for bed and everything, and got back on (Around 11:45, 15 mins after I should’ve been in bed) and we talked about a very little bit and Mom came down (At 12) and told me to go to bed. I kinda showed Katherine without saying it (in other words i mean) that I was a little peeved. So, I’ll prolly be expecting a phone call from her today or tomorrow đŸ™‚ So that oughta be good. I think everything will get better from here. I hope so at least. Anyways, I also went over Megan’s (punkmint39) house last night for a lil over an hour. That was fun. I hadn’t seen her since last week (when I brought her to my church, the first time we “met”). We kinda chilled and talked, and she showed me her bruses. lol. TOo bad we’re both #2’s right now. Anyways, that’s all my thoughts for today, kinda a recap for myself so I know what I did yesterday… oh. I went to the dentist too. That was okay. Regular checkup cleaning kinda thing. I’m going to a music shop now though


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