wait forever?

today was a rather intresting day. i have soo many different feelings running rampant inside right now. like. i had to work today. but it was really good, and i had fun, and felt really great (i felt really good all day actually). then, around 4, i called this friend of mine, but they were no home. out. with someone else. and i was like “oh. ic. thats cool. oh yeah, if they could call me back thatd be nice.” and like, when i left work they called me back. Ah! i wasnt there! oh well. i found that out after church tonight (which was maddd good) when i called again and talked to their mom. she said they were out again, but’ll be back anytime and asked if they could call me back. i was like, before 10. but now its close to 10:30. Actually, after 10:30. Oh well. I’m listening to 3rd Root. I don’t very often ’cause I don’t like them very much, ’cause they’re kinda a weak Deftones, with some kinda crappy screaming sometimes. But I like them more and more everytime I listen to them. But anyways. So I read their live journal, and im like. aww. oh well. to a certain extent, waiting sucks. like, you want to do something but you cant because its not straight yet. and so you have to wait for it to be straight. and im really being cryptic in the entry. well, they’ll know what im talking about. i just hope i dont have to wait forever…


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