copper and stars

Copper & Stars
and i don’t want to say that i wasted my days chasing instead of catching keeping. wasting wishes on copper and stars. i’m wanting you to save me and i’m not only asking. because i can face this falling it’s just the taking that i fell. i’m breaking down
is a break down good for me right now? i dont know what to do about “her.” its like the song says. i dont want to say that i wasted my days chasing instead of catching. that all i want and with for is copper and stars, and i cant reach those dag gum stars now can i! maybe its good for me. all it is is MORE reliance on God, and less reliance on people, specifically myself and Katherine. More reliance on God would be a good thing I think. But it’s scary. It’s hard. It’s like bungee jumping, or sky diving. by yourself you are totally hopeless and screwed the only thing that can save you is your either bungee cord, or your parachute. Well, when it comes to my relationship with Katherine I’m strapped by myself, she’s on the ground waving, and God is my parachute. Isn’t that an apt allegory. Rather descriptive though right? I feel a little bit better about it then when I was talking to her about it. It almost feels like she fights telling me she cares about me, or that she, uh oh, “love” ‘s me. sometimes its just so hard. i think i can make it. who knows. i dont know what else to put in here cause no one reads or responds to this stupid thing anyways


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