i now remember why i never used this thing

live journal that is
nobody reads it. and if they do they always have nothing to say so i dont know why i get on here every other day or so and talk about how i feel about crap. man. im really tired right now, which usually adds to my emotions, but i really miss Katherine. I haven’t heard from her in a long time. And we haven’t “talked” for about 2 weeks too. I write her like every other day, and, if she does get on to read them, or even if she gets on and sends e-mails, she doesn’t e-mail me very often. but i believe all this is like this for a reason. like, maybe for right now im supposed to be completely straight with God, then comes all the stuff with her. i just miss her sooo… why is patience a virtue? having to be patient all the time sucks! oye. im so pathetic


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