i was reading…

I was reading my good buddy Chris Conely’s (http://www.livejournal.com/users/loudpunkguitar/) live journal and I saw something very very cool:

Thoughts on Love

1) To her: I just want to be the man that God has made me to be. I also want to be the man that He has made for her to be with.

2) I have found that the things I love the most are the things that love me the least while the things I ignore, which deserve my love and attention, are also those that love me the most.

3) When you walk along the clouds and are in the midst of the beauty and wonders of the stars, you have a long fall ahead of you once you realize they are not yours.

4) Until you stop comparing someone to the people of your past, you will never accept them as someone new.

5) Although you have broken my heart, all you have done is given me two pieces of heart to love you with.

6) You come to me for comfort, assurance, and love. I freely give these to you. Therefore I can’t understand why you look elsewhere for these things and me leave me behind until you realize that you have failed again.

Chase’s additions:
7) You never know how good you have it until she’s gone.

8) A beautiful heart and mind is more attractive then a beautiful face and body. (Or, Beauty is only skin deep; the soul makes her a woman.)

9) Don’t judge me on how I look, or what I have, but look at what I have to give you.

10) You don’t love unless you are willing to give as much as you’re given, if not more.


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