to jenny and her…

I know it’s been awhile but I usually don’t have anything to write about. My band has a show tomorrow, that’s going to be fun. We’ve been gearing up for it for like 2 months, we’re gonna video, and audio tape it if anyone wants to send me money for it. Our web page is and you could always e-mail me to find out more information. Yeah, we’re a punk band. Anyways, I’m excited about it. And to Jenny, if you’re reading this, how about you IM me sometime or something so we can actually chat. Reply to this post with your aim thing and I’ll e-mail you back or just talk to you on it. And oh, keep posting, I read your posts, it’s just my internet service provider blocks me from replying to your posts. Sorry.
Now to change the subject. I don’t understand her. I think the world of her but she seems to hate herself, and it depressed all the time. Or at least every time I talk to her. Which is hardly at all, I remember months ago we would hang out and had our little “promises” and everything. I wonder what happened. ‘Cause it was talking everyday to like never. And the last time we hung out is because she was so desperate to get out of her house and I musta been her last resort. That kinda bugs me a bit. But more so that everyones out to get her, and she doesn’t really know how to blow it off, or something. I really don’t understand why she’s always so sad. It makes me sad, ’cause I wish she knew how much people like me think of her. I mean, I think very very highly of her. Oh well. I wonder if she’ll even read this, she did mention the other day how much I don’t post.
She Said live in concert tomorrow! Woo-hoo!


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