show last night…

…was great. The lock-in in totality was great. I went to Northampton Church of Christ (Chris and Bobby’s church, the singer and bass player respectively, of my band) at 7. Did some praise and worship with the rest of the congregation till about 8:30, ate some pizza and chatted with Torie and Sarah. That was fun. It had been a while since I had chilled with them. After the pizza Pam came by and we all played Hangman with several other people. Oh, I also ran into Megan and talked to her a tiny bit. I really liked her haircut, she just looked really good in general. Nice seeing her again, it had been awhile. Anyways, after hangman what happened. I think I went and chilled with Chris, Bobby and Jenny, Pam, and Chris W. I don’t know. Either way, oh no! Chris (the drummer) showed up and he was playing his drums and I was all excited and junk ’cause he wasn’t there for the set up we did earlier in the afternoon. So all of us in the band went in and got a good sound check. Then we just chilled. Yeah, till about 1 AM and then the show started. We played 11 songs in 45 minutes. 9 of our own, and then a cover of “America the Beautiful” and “Chick Magnet” by MxPx. It was soooo much fun. We have three other (probable) shows lined up. One for my 18th birthday later in the month, one at my church, and one for a Church of Christ convention. There will be tons of people there for that one. Anyways, it was good time. I’m going to end this long entry with this:

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