screaming infedelities are taking its wear

the last two nights have been pretty fun. friday i had to work. i showed up around 2, and it was slow. even though i was on fries, it wasn’t half bad. and we closed an hour early, so john and alyson, lindsey, pl, dustin and i went to see Behind Enemy Lines. That was pretty good. I got home at about 12:30, but I didn’t go to bed till like 2. Mistake. I had to be back at work this morning at 8 and i slept till 8:23. Oops. As soon as I got up I headed straight out, arrived 50 minutes late. But it wasn’t a big deal. I was supposed to go out with this girl named Jennifer after work, and I talked to John again and he said we could get some dinner then go see Ocean’s Eleven around 9:50 or so… So I got off at four, took a shower (I always do after work, but especially since I didn’t get one this morning.) got dressed, and Jennifer and I went to the mall. I stopped by Hot Topic and bought a Bill and Ted’s Most Excellent Adventure t-shirt. I love that movie! Then we talked to Megan Minter’s (punkmint39) brother Scott at the “Sunglass Hut” THAT was interesting. I never really talked to him much even though I was over Megan’s house alot over the end of the summer. He said he wants to start a hardcore band and is looking for a drummer and bass player, and I play bass so maybe something’ll happen. But I doubt it. It would be sweet to play in a hardcore band, especially since I’ll be owning a 5-string bass here in a month or so. Whenever Chris Conley (loudpunkguitar) goes back to school, and then comes back again. I just need a banging bass amp. But who knows. Anyways, Jennifer and I left the mall and headed to IHOP to meet John and Alyson for dinner. I had some pancakes. Yummy. After that we went to see Ocean’s 11, which was exceptional. Then I came home. Good night. I’m out


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