now he’s eighteen…

…but am I really any different than yesterday? Physically, no. Mentally, prolly not. Emotionally, yes, very much actually. Here’s the thing. For those of you that DON’T know I used to have this big thing with this girl named Katherine. Since about March we had been “talking” until it got to the point where we’d be online or whatever talking for hours on end, all the “i love you”s were comman language and everything. To keep a long story short she’s really been ignoring me hardcore. Today’s my birthday. I mean, Katherine and I are still good friends so I thought and would it be wrong for me to presume she’d e-mail me or call me or something? I don’t think so, but she didn’t. So I mean, it’s like, what we were means nothing now. At least to her. Very disheartening. Anyways, not for ya’ll to think I had a bad birthday, and that I’ll cry ’cause I want to. Because it wasn’t. It was a very good day. I just got a couple priorities straight, and more focused. I can now totally give God everything when it comes to my future life and future wife. It’s a moving on, it’s a letting go. Not bad for one day.


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