since i cant post replies to other peoples posts because of how stupid my isp is…

…im going to do it here. i read on megans journal (punkmint39) how she was saying something about something i did. “man… one thing that annoys me the most is when the only thing that people have to say to me is asking stuff about my brother. i am not his keeper, i am not going to give people information just because i am his little sister. i HATE being known as ‘scotts sis’ because I AM A PERSON OF MY OWN IM NOT HIS. geeze my name is megan and i am not the kind of person who just loves giving out stuff about him. how should i know stuff about him when he never talks to me. when we go with weeks at a time where we dont see eachother. im sorry but i just dont like being used for his use or for anybodys use for him. makes me feel cheated.”
WHOOPS. Won’t do that again. I’m sorry if I offended you like that, I just wanted to ask him about that band he was trying to start. My bad! lol, I think we’ve actually already talked about this, and it’s straight but just so you know I like you alot more than Scott, you’re so much cuter


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