we need something…

we need something out of you.
we need you to show us that you are really in love with us, and that you will really stay faithful to us.
we need some proof.
we cannot trust you with big things until you show us you can handle the small things.
i know they do not seem “small” right now, but we have much bigger things planned for you, my child.
please understand this.
we are there rejoicing with you in your triumphs, and we are crying on your shoulder in your defeats.
you have so much potential, and he knows it.
that is why he is trying to make it so hard for you.
be our burden is not heavy, our yoke is light.
but only if you lean on us, we can give you understanding.
we will show you where we want you to go.
because our way will make you the happiest.
child, we have been studying you for eighteen years.
we know your innermost being, we created those emotions inside of you.
we know what makes you tick, and we also know who you are going to marry.
so do not be concerned with it now.
it is in our hands.
now rest.
and be encouraged that it is all in our plan.
we will work it out.
we love you.

inside the mind of a triune God


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