a one-sided conversation

hi love
how are you doing?
im doing pretty good, what have you been doing today?
what was it that you said?
no, im serious. i really didn't hear you.
no, its not that im not listening.
i just told you, it was because i didnt hear you.
yes, there actually is something wrong with me ears.
umm, im not actually sure. it happens when im around too much noise for too long, its like everythings muffled.
why do you say that?
why would i make up something about my ears not functioning properly unless it were true?
do you not trust me? do you think i lie to you often?
so when i tell you “i love you” you are not sure if i mean it?
honey, if there is one thing true about me its how much i love you.
so now its you who is not listening…


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