of you and i

more than sentimentality
do i love thee
what is this emptiness that you're feeling?
it cannot be that the other half of your soul doesn't like thee
for he dies at the thought of your unhappiness
at the consideration that you are unsatisfied
he's too far away to cling to thee
except in his mind
and in his heart
how i wish to wipe away the tears that “cascade down your saline softened skin”
the sweet taste of your skin and lips
softer than the soon to be warm bed we will share
to know everything about each other
my lungs feel empty; I gasp too
for your life giving breath. why does this have to be?
and to your questions i do
i pray constantly for the gift of tears
so i can give voice and verb to my hearts violent and unabashed love for you
“do you weep, do you hurt, do you miss me?”
yes, and yes, and more than i can say
“can you feel me, can you breath without me?”
in my soul there is a place where you fit
gently, perfectly, sweetly
the sway of your tender hips as we dance together in the living room
the touch of your gentle lips speaks of a thousand nights of restlessness
now sufficed, and surpassed, and blessed
how can i thank you for praying that God would give me to you?
have i yet? if not, than i will with all that is left of me
what is this emptiness you feel?
soon you will no longer be half
the unity of souls in the mercy of God
a combination of violent love and desire
an intertwining of sackcloth and silk
of beauty and strength
of you and i


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