you know what
i hate you
i hate everything you are
i hate everything you claim you're about
everything you think you are
everything you pretend to be
its sick
it makes me sick
you're a sicko you know that
i would be different if maybe those words travelled past your teeth
if they didnt stop there
cause they have yet to reach your feet
you're a _______ failure
i wish you were dead
i wish you would just _______ die
that would help us all
it would definetly help me anyways
you're a bad joke
your name tastes disgusting
you dont seem to realize (or is that you dont care?) you're hurting others by what you do
a “slip-up”
what a crock of crap
i hate you so much
i hate you
(otherwise know as)
i hate myself
i hate my _______ self


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