Justice of God

God cannot be the just God that He is if He accepted good works and deeds in place of faith in Christ's death and ressurection for the forgiveness of sins. Salvation only comes through faith (Eph. 2:8-9) For several reasons:

1) If He accepted good deeds that would mean He has chosen which deeds are “good” or, better known as, “worthy” and which ones are “bad” or worthy of condemnation. If that were true that would disqualify God as an impartial judge, and sin would be biased. If God is baised toward the worthiness of men then what good deeds are good enough to erase the bad ones, and how many of them would outweigh the bad ones?

2) Christ's death on the cross would be in vain, and His claim to be the only way to God would be a lie. Therefore, Christ would have been a liar, and that would disqualify Him as “having no sin.”

3) Justice is receiving what you deserve. God has to punish us for our sin even if it is only one. Otherwise that would not be justice, and God Himself would then be a liar because of His claims of being a “just God.”

So it follows that if both Christ, and God are liars, then the whole Christian and Jewish (and maybe Morman. But I don't know enough about that to judge.) faiths are based on falsities, which nullifies the argument that God can except good deeds in place of faith. Because it's either all true, or it's a lie.

I believe it's true.


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