I know I don't have a reason to be but I am
Yesterday there was so much emotional upheaval
I couldn't think straight
And my stomach still hurts
I can't figure out why I feel this way
Is it You, God? Is it me? It's too much
It's too much for me to handle right now
I can't do this alone, and I don't want to
How I wish to be closer to You
I need to go to a quiet place
Where you can wipe the tears from my eyes
And whisper to me “I love you!”
And hold me close and tight to your chest
So I can feel safe
Please don't keep that from me
Don't hide from me
Don't abandon me yet, don't abandon me yet
Because I am nothing without You
With open arms I leave myself vulnerable to You
To Your words, to Your touch
To the flame the cleanses my lips
My body, and my mind
I always want to be this vulnerable


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