Christ is the Intercessor

The awe of the greatness of God has me inable to adaquately speak to Him. Much less make requests of Him. He is holy beyond all things, and I cannot fully comprhend all that He is. Yet He humbled Himself, and came to earth as a lowly carpenter's son. He made himself a man. That blows me mind. Why would an infinite, all-powerful, mighty, awesome, and terrible God ever want to become something as insignificant as a man? The creator of all things, and He who holds all things together, and keeps everything in motion made himself like me. Someone as small as I am. That's amazing to me. But what we only slightly understand is God had to do it that way. There is no other way for sinful man to have fellowship with Holy God without some common ground. Without somewhere in between to meet Him. We all know without death and blood there is no forgiveness of sins. Because God is just, and requires payment for sin. What I am saying is this. If God created us, and knows all the hairs on our head, he Had to come to earth and become one of us so we could understand Him. The old covenant and the prophets did not bring the people of Israel into fellowship with God (maybe because only the prophets actually sought after God. Who knows?) They only covered their sins, and helped lead/deliver them out of trouble. To have a personal relationship with God, He has to be personal to us. Before Christ, God was terrifying to the Israelites. A personal God knows our weaknesses, and relates to them because He's been there before. He understands, and can sympathize (in a sense.) While God understands because God understands all, we are given a model who has done it in our shoes. Christ is the fulfillment of the old covenant, and is the bridge to which we can relate to a Holy God.


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