Woman from Proverbs 8

If I did not believe every word you said maybe I would still be alive.
You said you would only walk me home; you couldn't stand seeing me alone. You lied.
I tried to say goodnight, but your fingers on my lips silenced my speech.
And before I knew it we were in my house; my hallway we breached.
Again you said “I cannot stand thinking of you here all alone on a night like this.”
Your eyes enticed me. I felt the tenderness in your voice, and the seduction of your lips.
Your hands moved so fast, and were so trained in their service, it seemed natural to you.
My clothes removed, I was vulnerable to you, but I would not stop, no, not until you were through.
A slow sense of cold was coming over me, while you were likewise.
But again I ignored it while our bodies raced in half time.
I could hear you singing to me sweetly, while we rolled in sweat and steam.
Your voice filled my ears and made me deaf to the sound of my own screams.
“You're killing me!” I exclaimed as blood ran down my chest to the wood floors.
“No, honey, that is just the nectar of our love you feel. Please do not stop, I want more.”
In my mind I agreed, and continued. I thought, “She must be more experienced then me.”
My legs became numb, and I lost all strength in my arms, what is this I'm feeling?
Her face was indistinguishable, but I could still see her teeth… she is smiling.
My head hit the floor. With my last breath I sighed, and died.
She got up, and dressed. “Another number to add to the count” she replied.


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