I Bend At Knee (I Bend At Weak)

If I am weak, then it's in the knees
Because nothing else about me gives under pressure
Like my knees do
Like my needs do
I need you
I knee you
Sometimes we don't see eye to eye
And that's where one of us falls (Mostly me, I'm so stupid)
Like tonight kicking that stupid ball and I can't walk
Thank God for John and Sean who helped me back to the room
There's nothing more embarrassing (for me) then not being able to walk by myself
I mean, it took me at least 5 whole minutes after it popped out that I asked John to help me walk to the bench
Then I stood there and told Heather I was fine
Sean finally came by and walked me upstairs
So I bend at knee
Right now my knee hurts me the least
You seemed so unhappy last night, and today until I cast my fishing line and you bit
I seem to have to draw it out of you…
Was it just a misunderstanding tonight?
I don't want to sleep because I'm restless
It frustrates me that I get in the way of us
So I bend at weak
Because my pride is still a weakness
Thinking I know best
That what I want is how it's going to be
I've been known to be wrong before (what a shocker!)
A kiss would mean so much right now
Just to sleep with you in my arms
Well, here's to you and the healing that tomorrow my bring to my knee, and my need


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