It’s Cold in Here

So I just laid there for a while
Not sure what to do
Except hope against hoping that you would call back
No matter how much I wanted you to
I hate feeling like there is an empty and endless chasm in my stomach
Am I asking too much?
Am I expecting too much?
I do not want to be out of line and off based here.
I just wonder if you wonder what I'm doing when I'm gone.
I'm sorry I ask you so many questions.
Maybe it's just that I'm a detail person, and you're not.
I want to know every 5 minutes, while you don't want to know all that.
Maybe I'm just a talker.
And after a while your ears get tired of it.
Maybe you were just tired tonight.
And last night.
Well, maybe it's just uninteresting.
Or I'm just a horrible storyteller.
Maybe I'm being overdramatic and acting like a child
One who is desperate for attention
But is it such a bad thing for me to want you be inquisitive?
I miss you so much
I'm sorry about tonight
I just want you to ask
Unless it's too much to ask


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