maybe it's the medication, but I'm so worn out
from all this mess between us
do I make you feel unhappy?
am I helping at all?
i feel so useless
that there is nothing I can do to make it better
to make us better
or more importantly, to make you happy again
like before
let's get back to that first month
those first few weeks
where everything was exciting and new
where we were still figuring each other out
the place where there wasn't this awkward silence
that's ringing in my ears
i miss hearing the excitement in your voice when you talk to me
or when you'd leave me little notes…
i have no room to talk
the proven and condemned guilty questioning the once accused
how absurd it is to think that this isn't my fault
how i hate these questions
how i hate being uncertain
oh, how i need to know you still cry because you miss me
God please help the helpless and unworthy
for right now i feel so worthless
but i don't know
maybe it's just the medication


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