Don’t Forget; Practice Tonight

#1: “…oh, and don't forget practice tonight.”
#2: “Yeah, I know.”
#1: “'Cause we're going over new stuff and we really need to talk about all that's going on with the band. We've got some very important things coming up and we need to be in this together.”
#2: “Oh yeah, I agree. You can count on me.”
#1: “Okay, cool.”

Later that evening…

#2: “Hey, I can help you take your stuff but I can't stay.”
#1: “Okay, why not?”
#2: “Because I'm a busy guy, I've got other things to do that I've put off and I need to get them done before they catch up to me.”
#1: “Okay, do you know this is twice in a row?”
#1: “And three times in the past two weeks?”
#1: “Well, here's the door. Thanks for your time.”


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