Forgive and/or Forget (Me)

I can't make that up
I just can't
There's nothing I can do from here
I've said it a thousand times and meant it
Maybe I am that
But I'm trying
You don't seem to remember all the sweet things I do
Or when I'm nice
Since I'm a jerk all the time
I'm sorry for being an idiot
I hate it when you say it though
and also how you can be sorry for being mad and then be mad at the same time and then on top of that say you're not mad and that it doesn't matter and you don't care anymore when it does and you do and so on and so forth
I get so lost as to how you really feel because you don't seem to like for me to know
I'm not always the best at guessing how you feel
At least on here, I can do it pretty well on the phone or in person
I need to hear you, or see your eyes
But those things make you nervous and uncomfortable
This makes me uncomfortable, and I can't handle it forever
I need you to speak to me about things without all this
I need to be able to look into your eyes without having to sift through your hands to get to them
I need you to forgive me and forget…


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