I Would Have Been Enough to Die a Thousand Times

here i am
sitting once again in this state dry and desert places
down to the depths and very bottom of this thin and empty heart
ive pushed you out so hard that you nearly toppled
but there's no pushing you unless i want you to push back
you hate it so much when im distant
you miss me so much that you do everything you can to get me back
you'd die a thousand times, a thousand ways if that's what it would take to get my attention
im so stained with sin and pride that it'll take all the soap you have God to make me clean
but you'd gladly do it without thinking twice about it
“that's no matter to me” you'd say
because im “the very reason that you came”
you pick me up like a baby out of the muddy ditch ive been in
and cradle me
you set me in your humble pale and wash me
you smile like im the only one in the world you care about
your words are so soft
im “the very reason that you came”

“Father glorify your name”

(quotations from Anathallo Just Because You Can't See the Sun Doesn't Mean it's not Shining)


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