The Insider

don't be so rough
you pierce my side when you do that
(it pierces me inside)
well, im sorry but it hurts
i mean, why do you have to be so rough with me
oh well
(im bigger than you, i dont mean to)
it doesnt matter to me, its okay
now if you would just sit up i dont want to get yelled at
and stop messing with your face its annoying
and stop how you've been yawning
(i dont even think about it, i just do it. let me just sit on my hands)
im sorry, its just that im easily annoyed when im tired
and i dont like to be kissed either so get off of me
im not a night person
(well, we work in the mornings all we have are the nights. i dont know what else to do, its kinda putting me off)
i dont know what you want me to do about it when im tired, im tired
(but you seem to always be tired when you're with me. am i not as exciting as i used to be? do you still find me attractive like last year? do you not like kissing me? i dont know how to keep you awake. i mean, what happened to the late nights of our first days and all the times in the car beside your house? what happened to getting home late 'cause you wanted to kiss me one more time? i just dont know what to do but grin and bear it and say that i'm alright. but i don't want to just be “alright”)


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