God, can I please drop all of my facades, masks and any pretense before I come to You right now?
Is that even possible?
I can't even be completely honest with myself, how is it possible to be that with You?
with You…
My heart aches for You.
It's missed You, I've missed You.
How can I even continue pumping blood if not for You allowing me to do so?
Where did I lose my desire for Your presence? When did I stop caring about Your word? Why is it that the person I want to be the closest to I push with all my power the farthest away?
God of my fathers draw near, or give me the strength for me to come close to You.
I want You to be all that there is in my life.
I want Your joy and peace because I am so restless and tired.
I don't know what You want, or where You want me to go.
But I trust You'll tell me in Your time.
I love you.


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