I Say I’m Still Here

I'm so worried that everything I do is wrong that I'm sick.
I'm afraid of my comings and goings.
I'm more afraid you want to give up on me, but I know that cannot be true.
But the feeling is still there.
Like this is something we won't be able to work out.
Like this is going to tear us apart.
Like tomorrow could be the last day, this could be the last week, this could be the last month…
After seventeen I don't want to quit.
I know I'm only nineteen, but I could live with you till I'm well over seventy, if you'd have me.
I guess what I'm trying to say is I love you now just as much as in the first months (but most likely more.)
I'm sorry we haven't been “in” love so much as in the beginning.
But I think that's how all relationships go.
Things go back and forth, and it all comes down to how much we want to put into it.
I'm still here, and am ready to move on.
Take my hand and walk with me, baby.
Because I don't think we're done.


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