I won't give up, I won't surrender
but you said we're growing apart
I don't think I can ever say “It's over”
I refuse it
I know I'm a stranger nowadays; I feel the same about you
I loved getting to know you the first time
So I wouldn't mind re-figuring you out

Do you still want me?
Do you want to re-figure me out?
I want to be fair, meaning do I deserve it?
Do I deserve you? Have I ever?
Even if I do, I don't know if I could make you happy anymore
(Or if I really ever did… was I exciting to you? did I ever keep you up all night? I'm so empty inside)
You probably need someone better…
…I'm so sick. I can't ever eat when we're not good
But I don't want you to empathize, I'm not looking for sympathy
I have enough selfish reasons of my own

God meet me here in my hour of need even though I never call on You
God please work this out
You're the only one who can so I invite you in for the first time in a long time
Who is the stranger now


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