We’re Growing Together

As we walk down the hallway of your house
We are 21, we are engaged
We are preparing for a new life
Preparing for the ultimate sacrifice of ourselves to each other
We are holding hands, unclothed in our bed
We are 23, we are married
“Husband” and “wife” in our ears has a melodious ring
We are sharing everything with each other
We are wrapping gifts in our living room
We are 29, and pregnant with child number “three”
In a few months we will birth a surprise
What a sight in our eyes, we are actually having twins
I wake you up early, it’s still dark outside
We are 35, and always deprived of sleep
You don’t want to go, you tell me later today you still have to teach
But I take you to the beach for breakfast at sunrise
You’re growing more beautiful everyday
We are 43, and our kids are in their teens
You still lean towards me when I’m beside you
I always knew that even through hard times, we’d be so in love
We are driving to our son London and his wife’s house
We are 58, the kids are grown
We are finding time again for just each other
Holding hands in the car has never felt so good
I have taken you on many vacations all over the world
We are 65, are finally retired
But not too tired for another trip
To Europe to see all the art museums Europe has to offer
We are on the phone recanting our love and longing
We are 19 and 20, and our life is still at the beginning
We have plenty of time to grow old together
But our love will always be so young


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