sometimes i forget who i am, then i remember im nobody

“i have no time”
that is just an excuse
(its just another lie, just another line)
for not pouring myself into you
and look at what its doing to me
two years ago things were so good
you made me feel so alive
now all i feel is empty inside ever since i first left this town
i wonder if this place has changed and left me behind or if its me that's so different
for some reason hampton looks the same
oh God, i guess im too caught up in myself to notice where im walking
im the worst about being faithful in all aspects of my life
i only do whatever the hell i want at the moment without care or concern for anyone else especially not you
so obsessed with money and getting what i want
so fixed on love that i alienate her and make her feel so out of her skin that she feels embarrassed when i look at her
and i dont know how to make her feel sexy
how to make her feel loved except by being what i want so bad to be
God please gouge out these proud eyes of lust and let me walk blind to everyone else's sexuality except for hers
God please help me starve myself of sin
God please rid me of this guilt that is holding me back from you and what you want to give me
God please remove these thoughts of ugliness and discontent with the shell you've given this war torn soul
God please multiply the rest i get in sleep and send your angels to sing sweetly into my ears
Let a heavenly chorus arise, oh God, from your mouth
Give me some comfort even though I don't deserve it
Some peace for this restlessness
And direction for this aimlessness
I just want to be happy and excited to be alive again
That's what I really want above all things


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