I'm not sure about anything anymore except you
You're the only one who will always be there when I need you (and when I don't even though I do)
Help me to be thankful for everything
I want people to feel like they've made my day (and life) better because they interacted with me
I want to go out of my way to make people feel special
God, give me your love for all people
Help me to be thankful for everything you choose to give me or take away
God, take away everything that keeps me from you
Keep making things hard so I can have strength in you
Just don't forget to give me that strength
You haven't yet, won't ever
I think what I have could work but it doesn't make me as happy as I expected, or perhaps hoped
Maybe my hope was in the wrong place
But it often feels so one-sided
Who am I God to be complaining about something like this?
I want to be a grateful person, who takes all things as a gift from you
I just mentioned that above
Oh, God help me to be selfless…


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