Oftentimes Things Change

I'm often unhappy with aspects of me
Too fat
Too stupid
Too sweaty
Too weak and inconsistant
I think though
That even if the media didn't say what I'm supposed to be
I'd still find something about myself that I didn't like
It's the opposite of You
You say how I was made and how you think of me
If only I could grasp that
Then perhaps life would be easier to deal with
Amidst everything that goes wrong
How I would love to always think “Glory to God” when things turn to shit
To say “Hallelujah” at dissapointment
To automatically pray when strength when I'm trying to be strong and fail
To need the nectar of your Word like the food I eat every day
I say “God, I'm sorry for letting you down”
But you reply “Son, it's no matter now.
Come into my house and enjoy how I've made you.
Let me ease your mind of those earthly troubles
and replace them with thoughts much less lofty.
You are my deepest concern and I have fixed all my attention on you.”
If the God of my fathers, one who has been unceasingly worshipped since the beginning of existence can say that to me, one who is much below and has existed for a glimps of time; who am I to be discontent?
Who am I to deserve such attention?
Who am I to deserve such love; a love that I cannot even grasp?
Who am I to even speak?


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