From Bottom to Top

From bottom to top
The whole world has hit the jet stream
At four-hundred miles an hour
On the path to complete cataclysmic destruction
I'm setting my feet, getting a good grip and aiming towards left field because I want this to be the homer that gets replayed on highlights for decades to come
I'm ready for the restart
It's eating me alive inside and all I can do is watch and pray or go to bed early and hope it'll somehow be forgotten tomorrow
Just a couple more days and everything will be fine
Just a couple more pills and it'll fall into line
Maybe tonight she'll whisper into my ear everything that I've been dying to hear and it'll melt away all my fears of disassociation or dissolution and regrets of the past
(Is there ever a clean slate?)
Honestly I don't think that would help
Maybe we're not what we need
I'm really ready for the restart
Whatever that means
I'm swinging for left; this is going all the way
I'm ready for whatever comes of this


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