Conversation with Grandad

It was a rather surreal experience to say the least. Grandad Macri, they called him Mac in his day, has been dead since I was four years old. I don't recall a single experience with him in my memories or in any of my dreams. It makes me sad. The older I get the more I wish he was still alive or had lived long enough so I could remember her. All I've ever heard growing up are these wonderful stories about him. I wish I could have a conversation with him.

Well, today was my day. I think I must of been dreaming but my senses and everything going on around me felt hightened through something I couldn't understand. Maybe my mind somehow made it's way into the 2nd or 3rd heaven; however that works I still don't quite understand. Either way, the weirdest thing about it is like there didn't seem to be any gap of time from the last time I talked to him sixteen years ago. It's like we picked right up from where we left off. Exactly everything we said to each other is kind of fuzzy now but I do remember some things he said in response to a couple of questions I asked him:

“Dad used to always say that you'd 'roll in your grave' if I ever got piercings or tattoos and even the one time I dyed my hair black. Oh, you should've seen his face Grandad; it was amazing.”
“Well, if it were Chuck getting any of those I prolly would've! I still don't think I could say that I like 'em, but I understand times are changing and I don't think anything the less of you for it if that's what you're implying, son.” He replied.
“Well, of course not. I prolly would've heard you shouting from heaven or something otherwise, right?”
“Yeah, haha. I guess I always was a loud one. Dor used to always tell me to be quiet like I was hurting your ears.”
“Actually, I remember one time I watched a home video over Grandma's one Saturday night where she said something just like that. We were all sitting at the dining room table back in Jersey over a Christmas and you gave the camera to Aunt Lisa (for a change, haha) and you were saying something to me then started clapping. My face kinda tightened up a bit and my eyes widened when you clapped. Grandma said something about stopping 'cause you were hurting my ears and you looked at her, then at the camera, then continued clapping! I couldn't help but laugh 'cause I know I would do the same thing. I've felt very close to you ever since then and I'm sad that I can't talk to you about what's going on with me right now. I miss you so very much and I wish I could take my problems to you. I'm going through a really hard time right now, Grandaddy, and I want so much for you to tell me it's going to be okay……”


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