This is what I’m wearing to the end of the world

Welcome to the end
Open the door and walk right in
They're all impressed with your new dress
It's a whole new you and it works
So arty and philosophical; you look like you have a lot to say
You're trying so hard to make things so right
And that's probably why everything is going so wrong
Let me try this on
If fashion doesn't save me now
My mouth sure as hell will
I don't even have to know your name before I know your place and it's all based on the shape of your face and lips
and God, I want to cut that out of me tonight
Things have become so apparent since you took her off of me
(and oh, can I never put her back!)
the wounds are still so fresh and new from when you blew me out of proportion
That it would hurt so much to put her back on
Arms forced through; she doesn't fit and nothing does
and that's the point (but let me try her on anyway)
nothing ever fits (let me try this on)
I can't make anything fit (let me try that on)


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