You must be enjoying being alone but
I'm the loneliest I've ever felt
I was thinking about getting a ring in 6 months
I was thinking about commuting 1000 miles just together
I was thinking that you were the one for me
I was thinking that this too would pass
Can you only stand 3 years of annoyance?
Why didn't you talk to me to try to work it out?
Is that an excuse just to “be alone” for a while?
Do you expect me to come running back like nothing was ever wrong when I come home?
I'm thinking I'm angry as hell at you
I'm thinking I'm angry as hell at God
I'm thinking I don't know if I'd ever take you back
I'm thinking that all I want to do is sleep and never wake up
There's nothing I can do except sit back and let you do your own thing
I can't chase after you, you wouldn't have me
I can't confront you, you wouldn't have that
I don't know what it is I have to change
I'm thinking I hate talking to you on the phone
I'm thinking I feel like absolute shit after we hang up
I'm thinking I'm stuck in “serious relationship” mode
I'm thinking that I don't know how to begin again
I'm thinking I don't want to
I'm thinking I want her to come to me
I'm thinking she has to genuinely interested
I'm thinking she's not going to be like you at all.


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