you are the one surpassing the entirety of my soul
you are beyond all that I can attempt to ever know (about you) is that comforting?
wait, is there a spoken word of common ground to meet me on?
is this pursuit of union one of selfishness, one of cohabitation?
is this longing for companionship a vain attempt to replace you?
are you made secondary to romanticism in my sacred place?
do I understand the clanging of my heart's desire for oneness (or) self-purpetuating discontent?
has the time come yet for me to fully comprehend your fullness
O, God please tune me in, so sensative, by whatever means
I want to hear you speaking directly without modulation
God come down without delay and move through this broken body
you are greater than all I can ever know yet your choosing me
i raise up my arms in sacrifice of desire; its only you


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