I’d Prefer a Southern Bell with a Lip Ring

The belt is on sideways
Top reveals muscular arms
Smile so sweet and convincing
You make me feel like I'm the only one in the world yet you can't look in my eyes for more than a second
So quickly you run away
Into the arms of another one
And another one and another one and…
I'm beginning to have trouble believing that the person behind those white teeth has any sincerity whatsoever and really you have only been taking me on this trolly ride tea cup run around
Now I'm dizzy
Don't pretend like I don't see you
I see you
And I can see you now
Maybe in a year or so when I'm THE guy you'll come running because it's cool to know so many famous people I'll be nice and spend time with you and maybe even be a little bit flattered that THE _____ _______ wants to hang out with ME but don't think I've forgotten THIS time
Maybe I'll have forgotten who you are “_____ who? Sorry, wrong number”
In the mean time still avert your gaze because while you're nice and all and perhaps even a good person you take flight like the midnight addict looking for her next fix and I won't be anyone's high
So say goodbye
The chance you had is gone like yesterday's morning rush

It's easy to say that now but I'm sure even in a year all you'll have to do is bat those eyes and I'll believe all the lies


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