Taking it slow keeps our hearts intact

Every little detail makes you more and more attractive
I feel closer toyou with every conversation
But yet, I'm not crazy about you
and you're apparently not crazy about me
There's a level of healthy disinterest that makes you more desirable just for the fact that you're not all about me
and I'm not all about you
and that's a good thing
That means it's not infatuation and it won't be over with the new moon or change of weather (emotion)
That means we're about something deeper than skin and the lack of physical intimacy has kept our engines at idle and our heads clear of teenage, emotional clinginess
I'm dying to see you because I want our mouths to make communication and not woopy
I'm dying to see you so I can look into your eyes and listen with concern and interest in what you're speaking because your speaking and not to examine your anatomy
(Not that I don't find you attractive nor that I don't want our lips to get aquainted eventually. I do)
I don't know if it's been said before but everyone's impressive on a first date
It takes geniune interaction over time with other people to really gauge what a person's like
What I mean is, initial butterflies lie
It's the gradual ones that you can trust
It's the voice of God you can trust
I want to let this friendship develop to its fullest and not squash it under the weight of expectations
I want the transition to “relationship” and “commitment” to be a smooth and natural thing
This is I and you
This is concern for only you


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