I'm okay with this
(Right now) I'm okay with being single
I like the idea of Amanda
But it's so impractical… I guess
I mean, I imagine you could work it out
Four years… but in maybe two or three (or less even) it won't make a difference at all
Pennsylvania and Missouri… whatever
I'll be on tour (hopefully) anyway
This is a time to just be whatever and wherever you want me
No frustrations
No dissapointments
No hoping that “hi” meant more than just hi
Let thing be as they are
Develop by your hand
All I can do is be who I need to be for you
Then I'll be perfect for someone else
and (shit man) you know what you're doing
More than I do, that's for sure
This week alone was a testament and witness to how well I pick ones out on my own
(That should read not well at all)
I want to reason you into some kind of Godsend but feelings are as difficult to understand as God himself and that would be me guiding your hand
Which, really, is ridiculous
Since aligning my heart is aligning my steps which lead to her
And anything else is just going to cause a lot of heartache anyway
Even this thought of Amanda
I feel lonely, but I'm not
No matter how cheesy that sounds
I think, for the moment, I see the big picture, I get the point
I'm okay with being single right now
I'm okay with this


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