Hopefully A Freudian Slip

these things are silly
communication can be so misconstrued
we say what we don't mean
and we lead on to other conclusions
or perhaps we say what we really feel and our minds want to take it back
i can't decide which is true (or more true)
was there an expression of regret?
or rather a way of smoothing things over
was there a genuine want of something else?
or friendship only without the underlying tension
i mean, i think you're cute
do you feel the same?
regardless, what of this other?
is that really what should be?
regardless again, i am still in the same boat
but the weather is nice
the seas are calm
and i am confortable where i am (as i should be)
if you would like to stear close, my course is set
set yours accordingly
if you want to board, ill oblige
you came by after i passed through the storm otherwise this would habe appeared to be another example of the futility of male-female relationships
but because of the timing it is an encouragement, and maybe there actually is something there
if not, it wasn't at the beginning of the week so i am no worse off
it still made me smile
both then and now
so don't feel hated, you're not
don't feel that you're a “sucky person,” you're not
and don't feel like you can't get to know me still, because i want you to


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