Back Home

Sitting alone on the couch
Well, its a chair with automann
I can't believe it's been over a year
I guess not technically, but you know
Seeing Chris with his wife and son, Katelyn with Stephen…
Things I want so badly
Sometimes too much, maybe? Some think so
I think I disagree…
and if I could direct this to you
I know I've been created for you
I've put too much time and effort into learning how to be in romantic relationship
I think all the time spent with Jess would be for not and I don't like believing I wasted all that time
Have I been created with an emotional need that is other than You, God?
Not that You aren't enough; You're limitless
But do you intend me to marry?
As I lay here on the “couch” wishing there was someone here laying with me
and who would that be anyway?
Is there someone out there who meets all my “standards” (read: requirements) who isn't already taken?
With how great this woman is you'd imagine she'd be snatched up by now…
Does she even exist in the first place?
I've met so many that were close…
What am I to do in the meantime?
In my all “natural” disposition
In how I want to be approached instead of doing the approaching
In the way I'm not playing the game…
I haven't given up by any means
I'll still get sucked back into the game I try to avoid
Help me not to fall so hard when I get disspointed (read: rejected)
And if possible, maybe make it obvious?
Maybe bring her to me with bells and whistles


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