Truth Opus 1 No. 1

Okay, number one I believe in absolute truth. I believe it exists and is represented in nature. While I am still in doubt (or faith, depending on your perspective) of whether or not we can actually know this truth or not, whether we can know “the thing itself” of Nietzsche would say, I believe it is there regardless because I believe God is there. I believe God is communicating truth to us as well, and I am still wrestling with the idea that he also can and does make us fully aware of what he is communicating, i.e. resolution to the objectivity problem as well as the imposition of responsibility to the reciever of the truth that is made aware.

This hit me the other day, and this may remind many of you who were in Historiography of Von Ranke, who I think had something in a way.

Knowledge of truth is the vision of God.

What do you think?

[This is still just a rough draft, I’ve been recently trying to work out my thoughts on the matter and this is the furst expulsion.]


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