#6 – Fear

I’m not too much afraid of the future except in how it involves you.
I mean to say, I don’t worry about how I’ll fare, but you’d be mine.
I’d have to provide, and would be held responsible if I don’t.
That scares me, a lot in fact.
Especially considering I haven’t been able to move up at all on my own so far.
And I could even “take risks” if I chose to.
God, do my prayers really change the red lines you draw that surround my moving black line?
If I’m at point E and want to know about point G I cannot but you do.
I want G to be good.
Selfishly, but unselfishly too.
I want it to be good because there will be two lines together being effected by, and affecting your red lines.
Has your hand considered my plea?


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