#8 – Prfound

I’m trying too hard to force this out
I feel a need to communicate to you something prfound and still honest
Misspelling profound is poignant
That actually was honest
God himself, descending from heaven, pointed his long, wiry finger underneath my middle finger rendering it’s attempt to type to letter “o” useless, creating the misspelling
By interrupting my life he’s trying to teach me something (as if God is usually an outsider, and is not immediately creating the surrounding landscape as we speak, have spoken, and have yet to speak)
That I must not seek out recognition, greatness
“This too is vanity” says the teacher
Do I quickly forget how quickly one passes away in sight of the timeless?
A blip
I want to teach because I love to teach
I want to write because I love to write
I want to make music because the song cannot be kept silent but sings itself


One thought on “#8 – Prfound

  1. for what it’s worth…i think your writing reflects the considerate and wise mind of a man who’s so familiar to me and his friends, but still totally mysterious. i’m intrigued by you, chase macri. still. and your words are worth anybody’s time. easy.

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